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Marine and Offshore Catering

Deck-Rite manufactures and installs marine catering furniture from high quality stainless steel to the required standards for hygeniene within the cruise, marine and offshore markets.

Our experienced team specialise in the installation of Galley equipment as well as any retrofitting works required for your upgrade. This includes areas within the Bar, Pantries or Provisions rooms.

With a proven track record in the design and install of stainless steel equipment Deck-Rite has been able to refine design & production methods with the goal of efficient installation. This allows us to create value for our clients by reducing man hours on-board/in-service which regularly places us favourably against our competitors.

Galley Hoods and Canopies

Energy efficient ventilation for cooking stations

Food Grade Stainless Steel Furniture

Manufactured to USPH Standards

Food Handling and Cooking Products

High Quality Products from recognised manufactures

Detailed Design and Engineering

Following a site survey Deck-Rite will proceed to develop the design fundamentals based on the operations of the required areas and understanding the complexity of these processes is something Deck-Rite specialise in. Once an initial design is complete a full detailed design is produced before the fabrication process begins.


Deck-Rite offers an efficient and cost-effective alternative to on-site production through prefabrication prior to installation, thereby reducing installation costs. Our workshops comply with the following certifications; ISO 9001


Installations are handled by a dedicated project management team liaising and coordinating with the owner on a daily basis. This safeguards a streamlined installation process and greatly minimizes disruptions to ships’ staff.

Maintenance and Repair

Routine maintenance required on catering systems can be carried out with our mobile work squads available on a 24/7 basis. Work can be carried at anytime during service or in drydock with no limit on the geographical position. Deck-Rite has office and labour available globally allowing us to access even the most remote areas of the world.

Warranty and After Sales

All of our installed products are supported by our warranty and after sales service. This gives our clients peace of mind in the event of unforeseen issues during service. Deck-Rite have access to global spare parts should the need arise to replace equipment.

Refrigerated and Heated Food Storage

Manufactured with adjustable internal shelving and an adjustable temperature controls

Dish and Pot Washing Equipment

High-Quality Warewash Systems

Dry and Cold Provision Room Storage

Bespoke storage systems to meet your requirements

Trusted Partners

Following the many years of installation and coordination with various manufacturers, Deck-Rite can supply, install, commission and service your equipment.

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